SHARING PERAMA is an artistic, cultural, ecological and social project running since 2017, that aims to promote contemporary art in and for Perama.


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Public Events

The Library of the Hellenic Library, the Municipality of Perama in collaboration with Sharing Perama co-organize an evening of reading short poems and poetic texts, on the occasion of the exhibition "The Green Path" 


Public Art

Art in the public space in the city of Perama.


Art & Ecology

The exhibition on ecology takes place in the Museum of Fishery in Perama, an ancient museum that has not been opened to the public for a long time and includes 13 contemporary artists from Greece and from abroad.

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The Curator

Barbara Polla and her links to the city of Perama.



A medium-length fiction film by Christos Panagos animated by Charalambos Margaritis. The narration travels the viewers between a documentary and a fiction dreamscape with “night flights” over the city of Perama. 


The Artist

Robert Montgomery and his light pieces in the city of Perama.



SHARING PERAMA is an artistic, cultural, ecological and social project running since 2017, that aims to promote contemporary art in and for Perama. Installing art in the public space, organizing events and exhibitions, working step by step, with the citizens and the collaboration of the Municipality of Perama, SHARING PERAMA proposes a direct collective experience of contemporary art in the local environment. 


Our efforts are sustained by the conviction that any commitment to culture is a social commitment and that any social commitment adds to culture. With this concept in mind, the long term goal of SHARING PERAMA is that Perama, while continuing to be the second most busy passage (Perasma) from road to sea in Europe, also becomes a destination, and even a reference point on the map of art, culture, and ecology.

Barbara Polla

Initiator & Curator

Rodolphe S. Imhoof

International Advisor

Frederic Pryszlak

Financial Advisor

Elli Paxinou

Educational Coordinator

Spyros Kilias

Team Support

Daphne Kouri

President of Greek Association

Dimitris Bampilis

Theater Director

Christos Panagos


Marios Fournaris

Artist & Local Advisor

Robert Montgomery


Krystalli Glyniadaki

Poet & Translator

Charalambos Margaritis

Animation Artist

Ersi Bakou

Cultural Heritage Manager

The Association in

The specific goals of the Associations are to promote and contribute to “SHARING PERAMA”, to ensure the concrete realization of the project and hence to raise funds.

We have created an Association according to the Swiss laws and bylaws. 

Swiss Association SHARING PERAMA

President of the Association: Barbara Polla

Respective Greek & Swiss vice-presidents: Dr. Panteleimon Giannakopoulos, MD, Professor of Psychiatry & Me. Ronald Asmar, a lawyer in Geneva @ Etude Merkt

Secretary of the Association: Me. Romain Jordan, a lawyer in Geneva @ Etude Merkt 

Treasurer: Mr. Fred Pryszlak

Member : Mrs Christina Kitsos, City Councilor, Geneva

The legal address of the Association is: c/o Mr. Frédéric Pryszlak, Gonet Conseil Finances, Boulevard du Théâtre 6, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

The detailed legal status of the Associations is available upon request.